Contact Us

All registrations are still open!  If you are interested, please contact the chairperson below:

Sunday Parade – Ray Burrows    715-228-2631

Sunday Arts & Crafts Fair –  Nancy 715-228-2374

Co-ed Sand Volleyball –    Michelle 715-498-2608
$50 Team Registration    75% pay-out in prizes.

Men’s Softball Tournament –  Jacob   920-410-4363

Horseshoe Tournament – Norb 715-228-3602

Grass Oval Races Amateur Kitty Cat/Amateur 120/ Kitty Cat Stock/ Kitty Cat Improved/120 Stock/120 Improved Stock.  Sponsored by Coloma Pathfinders Snowmobile Club  Call Fran 414-587-0308 for more information.

Bags Tournament:  $20 Team Registration   75% Payout                             Jason    262-573-4178

For general information, call 715-228-2401 or
email: with any questions.