49th Annual Chicken Chew — 2021 Is On!

Join us in 2021 for a bigger than ever Chicken Chew

The Coloma Chicken Chew is the Coloma’s major festival.  The entire family can enjoy the weekend.  Dancing, games, food, bingo, a parade (on Sunday) things to see, things to do, and lots of smiles.

Softball Tournament on Saturday June 26

Co-ed Slow Pitch Softball
Double Elimination
Entry fee — 100% payout
Losing team will provide a responsible base umpire for the following game.  Lions provide a plate umpire
Slow-pitch rules: 6 ft to 12 ft arc. 2 strikes swinging, 1 strike called, 3 outs
No leading off, no sliding
Alternate male/female batters
Alternating male/female fielders by position (1-10)
Walk a man/next batter (female) walks automatically
No lead off
Metal bats — men must reverse normal batting position
Roster before game a must
One hour time limit — don’t lolly-gag!

Sign up your teams today — call Jacob  920-410-4363  to register.

Co-ed Sand Volleyball on Saturday  June 26
$50 team registration

Sign up your teams today for Sand Volleyball.  Call Michelle 715-498-2608 to register.   75% Payout.

Cornhole Tournament on Saturday June 26

$20 Team Registration

8 – 24 teams

    • Teams will have 5 min grace period of they will forfeit their match
    • Double elimination tournament
    • Based on time, might need to limit Matches but not sure if this will be needed. Might be based on the amount of teams and time.
  • Start Time: 11 am

Each match is 3 games.

    • No bust rule
    • Standard Scoring rules with point cancelation.
    • Bags will not count if they bounce off the ground prior to landing on the group.
  • Bags on the board that may look to be touching the ground, lift the front of the board up, if the bag stays on the board, it counts

Cost $20 per team.   75% Payout

Pay out for the top 4 places.

Call Josh: 715-340-3931 to register.


Can’t find what you need?

Please contact Sue @ appssm@hotmail.com or 715-228-2622 for more information.